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Nine Words That Women Need to Know about Their Man!

Men using digital devices
Be sure to check out this funny, off-the-cuff article about nine words that many women use to "communicate" with their husbands. You'll soon find out that there are many hidden meanings in these phrases. I hope it makes you laugh!

Getting Your "Organization" to Sizzle!

So, you are ready to form a non-profit organization? You ask yourself, "What are the next steps when forming a new charitable organization?" Check out these photos and see for yourself how it's done! We can help you with all of these steps! Creating the buzz, attracting the media and getting “press” to attend your initial event or having “photo ops” with community leaders – this is what we do! We then can work with your initial Board of Directors on the early stages of developing your organization. Speak with us about generating a quote for your new organization!