W. Ian Walker

W. Ian Walker
W. Ian Walker’s determination to overcome the challenges associated with ADHD through music, not medicine has been the fuel for his success. He believes all things are possible regardless of challenges that must be overcome and he has proven that throughout his life and his career.

Ian holds a BA in Theatre and Film (McMaster University) and a post graduate Certificate in Fundraising and Volunteer Management (Humber College). He is also the recipient of the Imperial Oil Scholarship to the Banff School of Management, Development for Arts Management Seminar.

Amongst his many achievements, he is most proud to have received the Toronto Mendelssohn Youth Choir Award, Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI- Young Artist Vocal Program
(YAVP Vocal Scholarship) and McMaster University’s Centennial Award.

In fall 2015, his autobiography ‘Stirring My Soul to Sing, Overcoming ADHD Through Song’ (Redemption Press, USA) will be published. In his book, Ian recalls more than 40 years of his choral and performance career with some of North America’s greatest musicians and artists. He also shares how his faith combined with vocal and choral music helped him overcome low self-esteem, depression and many other challenges related ADHD.

Now happily married and living a fulfilling personal and professional life, Ian hopes his life will serve as an inspiration for all those suffering from ADD/ ADHD.